The Perfect Storm – Cost Analysis Determines Lack of Reimbursement for Interpreting Services is Unsustainable

Medical and healthcare interpreter reimbursement is an important topic for our field at this moment. Until certified interpreters are reimbursed as an essential medical service, patients will continue to struggle to communicate and their patient safety will be endangered. Certified medical interpreters need to become a fully integrated member of the healthcare team, for healthcare systems to truly provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

To view my latest White Paper, click here ThePerfectStorm

Please feel free to distribute, and post comments below. Let’s start a national discussion about this important issue.

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  1. Linguistic competency is critical to children, youth and families making informed health decisions. Without interpretation a major power differential exists between the provider and the served. This contributes to medical errors, a lack of empowerment for families to take care of themselves, a distasteful health experience and ultimately health inequities. I am excited about your blog and please keep me informed of policy/legislation to advocate for interpreter reimbursement.


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