Welcome to my new blog on medical interpreting worldwide!

Communicating with a healthcare professional is a basic human right. It is an important right no matter where you live or travel to. When I am sick, I will need to be able to have access to providers that will be able to speak to me and understand me, in order to treat me. I will want to understand them as well so I can participate in the discussion and decisions about my care and treatment plan.

The objective of this blog is for us to put our attention to what is needed to advance the medical interpreting profession post-certification. It is a fairly new specialization of interpreting that has grown quickly in most English speaking countries, Some other countries are quickly catching up by providing their patients with these important and essential services. Certification allowed the profession to gain the respect of the public, yet there is still much work to be done.

There are four main topic areas I am most interested in discussing on this blog: 1) Certification, 2) Reimbursement, 3) requirements for practice, and 4) Interpreter education, another important component to any discussion on qualification and professionalization. These are the areas which will need our attention in the upcoming years. More can be done in order to achieve the level of professionalization that nurses, doctors, and lawyers enjoy. Let us all work towards these goals together. United we are stronger.

As an international advocate and researcher of these issues., I will continue to travel and present around the world helping raise awareness about these particular issues. As a PhD student, I invite you to engage with me on this study regarding the perspectives of professional medical interpreters on interpreting culture for their patients and providers.

Stay tuned for my first article coming soon…

Izabel Souza (Arocha)


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